What is the Democracy Hub?

The Hub advances a long-term movement agenda through community engagement for a stronger, more connected, and genuinely representative government.

About The Hub

The Washington Democracy Hub is a collaborative project of Win|Win Network that combines research, strategy, and movement building to foster a healthy democracy that is responsive and accountable to the people. The project is the brainchild of a community working group of funders, movement members, and leaders at the intersections of democracy reform. We exist to strengthen the groups and organizations working in the democracy reform space to build a stronger, trusted, and genuinely representative democracy.

Everything we do is co-created by the democracy reform movement. Over seventy individuals from sixty organizations have come together in-person and virtually to drive the Hub’s major project components – research and landscape assessment, long-term agenda setting, and movement building. Recognizing that much of the work done on our democracy has happened in silos, the Hub takes a different approach to describing the movement. We look at the movement in terms of values to connect groups across issues and create a real movement for democracy reform in Washington State. 

WA Democracy Hub Brochure

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