What is Roadmap to Democracy?

FINAL_RTD Invite Feb 2018
Image: Roadmap to Democracy event invitation

Roadmap to Democracy is a series of movement planning gatherings engaging grassroots and organizations in the creation of a shared five-year agenda for democracy reform (called the Roadmap) in Washington State. Combining the knowledge of movement leaders, innovative research, and the perspectives of thousands of Washingtonians, Roadmap is the space to plan together. When we work in unity, we’re stronger as a movement.

On November 10th, 2017, individuals representing forty-one grassroots groups and organizations came together to begin the Roadmap. We discussed the need for trust building, media accountability, and over thirty-five policy proposals from all ends of the democratic process.

Before the retreat, participants contributed to a landscape survey of the movement. Overall, fifty-seven people representing forty-one organizations participated. Questions revolved around the current issues and priorities of the movement, future priorities, and needs of movement leaders to increase capacity. Over eighty percent of respondents expressed the desire to work together to build the Roadmap.

Want to get involved? Join us February 2nd, 2018, and May 11th, 2018. RSVP for the February event here.

Roadmap to Democracy is hosted by WA Democracy Hub and Fix Democracy First.


1 thought on “What is Roadmap to Democracy?

  1. Minor web suggestion… Photos or iconic graphics for each person on Staff & Board would make it easier to relate to the individuals involved.


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