Crowdsourced Democracy Values Results

Introduction: The Hub went through a two-month survey process within the reform community to develop a crowdsourced set of values for our movement. Movement members were given three optional value sets with guided questions and space for open feedback. Twenty-five people responded with wide-ranging ideas for our values. These values will be used to develop the Healthy Democracy Index and prioritize future Democracy Hub programming.

Methodology: Participants were given three sets of values to critique on a 1-5 scale. One was negative and 5 was positive. Each 1-5 ranking was multiplied by the number of people voting for them. Each section had open space for short answer feedback about the merits and content of the values. All ideas were tallied by the number of times commenters said them. Then, all ideas mentioned more than once were incorporated into the document.

Option & Rank 1 2 3 4 5


Option 1 1 5 10 3 3 68
Option 2 0 5 6 7 4 76
Option 3 2 1 5 13 2 81

Most repeated feedback:

  • Keep it short
  • Merge similar values
  • Take out impartial, nonpartisanship, and fluffy language
  • Create a catchy values, ex: the 4 E’s of Democracy
  • Take responsibility off the individual and increase accountability for government’s actions
  • Combine courts language with other two branches of government
  • Promote democracy everywhere
  • Take out ‘constituencies’ language as it is often coded language to justify exclusionary decision making
  • “All people” is disingenuous as we know some people’s vision of representation would discriminate against people of color, LGBTQA+ communities, and women
  • Be explicit about wealth’s influence on decision making

After ranking the scores and incorporating changes, our value-set transformed to a values-based vision for democracy reform.

Our democracy should be:

  1. Equally Representative – elected officials are fully reflective of and responsive to our communities
  2. Empowering – people become inspired to exercise their civic duties with the confidence that our votes eclipse the needs of wealthy special interests
  3. Equitable – all branches of government are just, fair, and prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities
  4. Expansive – democratic values are strengthened and promoted in all walks of life, from the home to the workplace

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