Statement of Solidarity with Immigrant Families

We can’t see anything more important to work on today than to step up with outrage. We are calling on every person who cares about children and the dignity of life to take action against the separation of families who are guilty of nothing more than wanting opportunity. Our civic engagement conversation must stop today, if not just for a moment, to reflect on the immorality of U.S. immigration policy and to mourn the state of democracy that allowed this to happen.

We stand in solidarity with the families forced to leave their hostile lands only to find themselves met with more hostility in this land occupied by immigrants. Our white supremacist federal administration is committing grave human rights abuses that mirror our country’s deeply disturbing history of genocide, slavery, internment, forced assimilation, and discrimination of every kind.

Children ripped apart from their families cannot be part of just another horrifying news cycle.

As we write this, our federal administration is signing an unnecessary executive order to stop the policy they created. This administration does not need to sign an executive order to end this cruelty, for the policy interpretation came from the administration now seeking to end it. Though this order is a win for basic human decency, we cannot rest. Children are forever lost. Some parents will never see their children again. Others will be unified and will begin the long process of coping with the trauma exacted upon them. And more families, documented or not, will continue to be torn apart by an industrial prison complex that jails children and colludes with moneyed forces to create new-age slave conditions.

We cannot stand idly by while families are being torn apart, children are incarcerated for existing, and while dangerous propaganda is used to keep Americans fighting with one another over uniting against American fascism. As political discourse, civility, and hope for reform dwindle, we as the nonprofit leaders in the state must continue to push for a brighter day and make room for those who have run out of fight. We are the political leaders, policy advisors, organizers, and advocacy organizations that people look to for leadership. If you are not personally triggered, step up even more.  If not us, then who? Yes, call representatives, yes, donate, yes, mobilize. Keep showing up.

This shall not pass. This is an uphill battle. The WA Democracy Hub @ Win|Win Network stands, recognizes, and will continue to support those whom these cruel policies attack. No person is illegal. Our hearts break for the cruel acts of trauma and oppression exacted upon families in our names. We will not allow this. We cannot allow this. This is not our American Dream.

If you are looking for ways to take action, see below:

  • DONATE! Donate to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) working to obtain legal representation for immigrant children and pay bonds for parents to be released from detention centers. What’s best, 100% of the funds go to RAICES – no fees are charged by Facebook.
  • Monday, June 25th: Not in Our House! 12-2pm. From the event page: “The Station coffee shop would LOVE to invite you to be part of a safe place or a REAL Sanctuary for our immigrants brothers and sisters against ICE, Come celebrate with us by linking arms around the whole El Centro de La Raza and the Roberto Maestas Plaza, this message should be a Big, Beautiful and Powerful message to ICE and to our whole communities around the United States to let them know that we are United in Love and enough is enough! NO more borders! NO more hate! Please invite your friends, your families and your non-profit organizations to be part of what could be one of the most Beautiful messages to our government! 😍❤”
  • Saturday, June 30: Families Belong Together Rally in front of the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building (915 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101).
  • Saturday, June 30: National Day of Protest 11am – 2pm Lafayette Square, Washington D.C. Join thousands of Americans and take a literal stand against our immigration policies
  • Sunday, July 1st:  Solidarity Action at Northwest Detention Center organized by NWDC Resistance.


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